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    I cant seem to find anywhere stock. Almost all the places are out of stock (the ones with discount) and in the few I managed to place an order, they either called me or e-mailed me that they are out of stock. One of them actually told me that they will bring new ones on the 10th of September but I'm not sure about that.
    Did you manage to get one? Did everyone return it back to HP? Because I don't remember any thread here about fire sale in TP accessories and it seems that everyone got one except me :P
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    I'm having the same issues, PC World, Staples and Argos have all had them listed at 25-35.00 but are out of stock! The only places stocking them seem to be charging circa 60.
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    I ordered one earlier this morning. Had an email about 20 mins ago saying my order was cancelled. Called them and they said HP has recalled all their accessories and they are actually returning the goods back to the distributor.

    It completely baffles me. Although - as with everything else surrounding this saga, nothing is certain and everything keeps changing.
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    Why would HP recall them? What's their problem?? :/

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