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    EDIT:Was 25.99 now its 29.99
    Touchstone 49.00

    These are the guys that sold 200 White 64gb TPs.

    Touchpad Case
    HP TouchPad Case (FB343AA#AC3) - Carrying Cases

    as of 1:48am 8/25/2011 493 In Stock

    HP Touchstone Charging Dock (FB339AA#ABA) - Power & Batteries
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    as of 2:04am 8/25/2011 481 In Stock
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    got 1 thanks!

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    Just what I was looking for. Thank you OP!
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    They mustve gotten more

    as of 2:28pm 8/25/2011 661 In Stock
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    mc gusto thanks for the link! I dont know why this didnt get more notice from users here. Easily among the best deals yet. Only a few $'s more than the Office Depot sale and equal to the Bestbuy sale. I grabbed one. Many thanks.
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    out of stock
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    Their site shows 124 in stock as of this writing.
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    as of 12:04pm 8/26/2011 98 In Stock
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    Just got my order in, down to 62 in stock. Thanks!
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    will the touchstone still work thru the case?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kudosmog View Post
    will the touchstone still work thru the case?
    Yes it will.
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    Out of stock now
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    "We would like to thank you for your recent order of an HP TouchPad and/or accessories.

    Cost Central, as well as many other retailers, have been inundated with orders for the HP TouchPad and accessories. We are working to process and ship these orders as fast as we are able and as fast as HP releases stock to us to fill these orders.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to tell you exactly when your order will ship. However once your order has been processed and shipped, you will automatically receive an email with tracking information. If we should encounter an issue with your order, you will be contacted directly.

    We do apologize for the delay and rest assured your order will be filled as soon as possible and that your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. Please note that if your order was placed with Google Checkout; Google may have placed a hold on your account but we will not charge your order until it is ready to ship.

    We appreciate your business and your patience while we work to process and fill every customers order.

    The Team"

    Anyone else get an email stating this even though there was still plenty in stock at time of ordering? Not sure if it's going to turn into the cancelled order fiasco that it did with the actual TouchPads or not.
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    I just got the same email... I'm guessing that they're pretty slammed, but I'm sure my case is on the way (I'm a "glass half full" sort a guy).
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    ordered one at 5:25pm Central, site said in stock so will see if i get the email or not
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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan View Post
    ordered one at 5:25pm Central, site said in stock so will see if i get the email or not
    Was this for the $25.99 price or the $29.99 price the site is now showing?

    I also noticed they're showing 1250+ in stock right now at this price so hopefully there's no reason to cancel or backorder any previous orders and the email simply did mean it may take them a while to process it but the item is guaranteed.
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    I just HAD to wait until I got off work to buy this lol.
    Now I have to pay an extra 4 bucks for no reason.
    Hmm, might try a local hhgregg and see if they'll Pricematch that office depot price.
    If not, jumping on this. I like that it will charge through the case.
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    Just picked up the touchstone charger

    Thanks for the heads up on this!
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    1120 In Stock on 8/28 at 9:00 PM PST

    Ordered 2 for the units that should be coming from dataviz
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