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    Are there any known 3rd party Touchpad cases that work with Touchstone?

    I know the official HP case works, but I know there are better designed cases out there with better protection and functionality.
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    The touchstone is an induction charger so i would imagine that most slim style cases would work. The question you should be asking is what cases are small enough to keep your TP on the touchstone. I have the HP case and to be honest it's barely snug on the touchstone. So anything bigger than that probably will still be able to get a charge through it but don't know if your TP will stay on the dock.
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    As the HP cases become harder to find, it is more important than ever to have other working options. If anyone has found a model that works, let us know.
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    the hp case is outstanding. That's what I recommend.
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    The Targus Truss for the HP Touchpad works with the Touchstone charger. Here is a review of the case on the Targus Truss case where the reviewer makes this clam:

    Targus - Targus Truss Case for HP® TouchPad customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratings

    I think you can still get this case on the HPDirect site for $19.99 plus shipping.
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