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    Is there a privacy screen protector available, I'm interested but haven't seen one available for the TP yet.
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    I got my 4-pack of Spare Parts screen protectors from delivered last week, but I haven't bothered attempting to install one yet. My Touchpad is pretty much resigned to couch-surfing duty so it sees very little abuse, so I don't really see the need for one. Might put one on my parents' TP next time I am over there.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phobos512 View Post
    Zagg, Armor Skins, XO Skins, Body Guardz, Phantom Skins, Stealth Armor and Skinomi all claim to be military/industrial/racecar grade products. It's called marketing.

    All I will say is, step into the hangar of any Navy base, including the one where I work, and you'll see no sign of this material on any aircraft. They're full of it. They don't produce any specs and they don't say to what specs their materials are tested (which would be MIL-STD-810D, E or F depending on how long the product has been on the market over the last few years).

    Check the Radome dude... - Radome Boots

    It looks like they are developing even better stuff too...

    Self-Healing ‘Magic Skin,’ A Condom for Aircraft | Autopia |

    But I guess companies like Northrop Grumman don't make any aircraft for the military right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bagbug View Post
    I bought one for an Ipad (2$), I had to cut the corners but it fits perfectly now.

    EDIT: Turned out it scratched easily...
    I bought an Ipad one for $1 at my Dollar store. Dry application, hard surface so gestures work without slowing you down.
    It had a hole for the camera, but no opening for the button on the other side. I just covered over the button and it still works fine. It doesn't seem to scratch, but I did a pretty ****-poor job rounding the corners with scissors. Might go splurge another buck and try again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphajoe View Post
    Has anyone found a cheap and good solution to just protect the back of the device? I don't care much about a screen protector as my fingers won't scratch it. But I keep putting it on its back all the time on different surfaces and I'd like not to care about it. Any suggestions?

    I could find some of those carbon-looking stuff for aroud USD 20-30, but I think that's a little much. Additionally I don't need any carbon look (don't mind it though).
    I ordered this, but haven't applied it yet.
    2 Touchpad Clear Skins For $7.50 Shipped! Preorder -
    seems to have some fairly satisfied customers.
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