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    I fashioned a sliding mechanism for a Touchstone and installed it in the empty slot in the dash install kit for my car stereo. I can slide it out to charge, and slide it back in when not in use. It's quite elegant actually (if I do say so myself). I ran the charging cable behind the a/c controls so nothing is exposed. Now, when I'm due for an upgrade in December, assuming no new WebOS phones are available or on the horizon, I'll be forced to get something else and destroy my great setup leaving a gaping hole hole where the sliding mechanism was attached. Or I could just leave the useless Touchstone in place and have a sad reminder of the way things used to be. Either way:
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    Can you post pics?
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    You could if the back of the new phone has room move the touchstone circuity to the new phone
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    keep it on there, if you upgrade your phone, you still have your pre, just keep it in the car. dozens of uses, put some games and cartoons on it and you can keep friends annoying kids entertained on rides.

    i wonder if you can get a data plan for a pre and just run it as a wifi router for your new phone or pad
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    Quote Originally Posted by noco37 View Post
    Can you post pics?
    Sure. It'll probably be a couple days til I can get to it. Others may not find it quite so "elegant" but I'm not creative in the least, so I was quite proud of myself.
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    Many of us have touchstones mounted in our cars and dread the day that our beloved pre phones no longer work. I ordered a backup Pre 2 for my Pre Plus so I could stretch the life of my webOS devices another year or so. You could glue a piece of metal to your new phone so it would attach to the touchstone and you could plug the charging cable into your new device and continue to use the touchstone (sort of)
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    The funny thing is, when I was tearing my dash apart last year to get this all set up, the thought ran through mind about something like this happening. But, the Touchstone is too great to not have it set up in my car.
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    I agree, but doing a permanent modification is never a good idea. Stuck mine to my dash with an adhesive-backed mount:

    When I switch phones, I'll just remove the Touchstone and put something else on there for my next phone.
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