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    I want to know if the Touchpad can charge from a Pre cord.

    I have Pre chargers stuck in each of our bags. I found out awhile ago that my Pre charger could charge a lot of our portable devices. Then each time I saw them cheap I bought one or two more. Now each of our briefcases/backpacks has one, so no one is ever stuck. Will the Touch pad charge from these as well? It has been great not worrying if you have a cable, or the right cable. This has also cut down on the tangle of cables I used to have in my bag all the time.

    Thanks for your help.
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    When I plugged my Touchpad into the charger I use for my Pixi and Pre2 I get a notification on the TouchPad that there is not enough power and it will not charge.

    I haven't looked up the specs but I suspect the Pre charger delivers less current than the Touchpad charger. The Touchpad charger is the same shape (cylinder) but is actually quite a bit bigger than the Pre charger.
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    Pre charger = 1 amp
    TP charger = 2 amps
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    The Pre chargers do not support enough amperage for the TP. Sorry.
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    Even though it provides lower amps to the TP, my pre charger has been able to SLOWLY charge my touchpad. It gives the message that it may not charge, but you will see the battery charge over time.
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    But two things to remember:
    1) just like with the iPad, you will get a not charging error (ignore this)
    2) it will charge more slowly

    The rule of thumb is like this
    TP Charger/Touchstone = Best - Fully charge (2amps)
    Pre Charger = Mediocre - Slow charge (1amps)
    USB/PC = Worst - VERY Slow charge (.5amps)
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    also to add to nhavar if you use the touchpad charger to charge your Pre it will also charge faster, heat build up is about the same on the Pre charger if any.
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    Thanks everyone.
    I got a touchstone for my nightstand which is it's normal place, right near the other touchstone. It's too big and too costly to have many laying all around. I'll watch for another charger or two but with the feeding frenzy I'm not holding my breath. I'll keep the Pre charger idea as a Plan C or D if needed.
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    I've used my Pre charger in my car, and the USB on my laptop at work to "trickle charge" my TP.
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