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    Hello All!

    Office Depot will accept this coupon as a competitor coupon. I just used it on a touchstone and bought a 1 cent pack of erasers to push the total to $40 even. So I wound up with the touchstone for $30.
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    Good deal! I use Fatwallet all the time and you usually have to spend a couple of bucks to buy discount codes. You don't usually have the actual paper coupon. Nice find
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    Thanks! I've been researching like crazy to get the best deals on the accessories for the Touchpad and stumbled across that this morning and couldn't resist such a low price on the TouchStone.

    It's very rare these days that you can get a better deal in a physical store than online via Amazon or Ebay.
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    Damn looks like they're all out of stock. I was late on this one.

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