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    The people want to know . . .
  2. #2 had the lowest price earlier today, if they're still available
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    I would to. There are none in my immediate area, and I don't really want to spend 60 bucks on it.
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    Staples by me honored Office Depot's prices on keyboard, case, and touchstone.
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    #5 has it for $55.15 is that the cheapest around?
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    I'll call tomorrow to see if mine will honor it. They have it in stock.
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    Prices seem to change multiple times a day on the sites I was watching. Amazon and kept going up and down in the same day.

    It's difficult to guess what will happen while supplies last. I suggest deciding what price range you want and pull the trigger when you're close. I found a good price and felt saving another $5 wasn't worth wasting much more time sitting at my computer. lol
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    $39.99 at Office Depot today.. that was the right range for me. Thought about it when they were $55 but $40 and less seems like a good deal.

    I really enjoy the Touchstone.
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    Best Buy just marked their TouchStone's down to $39.99. Good deal! (Especially awesome for me since I got a $30 BB gift card as part of a joke gift last Christmas and all the value is still there when I checked tonight).
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    Here in the UK, Staples had them listed for 25.00. I guess that's around $40 on your side of the pond?
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    I bought a Touchstone and Keyboard from office depot this morning. My order was updated this evening to say it was deleted because of inventory issues....
  12. #13 is now selling them for 35.00
    Touchstone 35.00 HP TouchPad - Touchstone Charging Dock/Stand: Computers
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    HP price matched Walmart on my orders from yesterday. Chatted with them to get the difference refunded.
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    This seems to be the best deal. We'll see whether they really have them in-stock.

    Update: My order was confirmed, but this may be automatic.
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    13 bucks shipping is crazy
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    CDW wanted $20 shipping from me. I'll buy it from PreCentral at that price.
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    If your local Office Depot has them in stock you can use this competitor coupon in-store and get $10 off $40. I bought a 1 cent package of erasers to push it to $40 even and got the touchstone for $30.

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