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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor512 View Post
    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but wont the setup detailed in the photo posted earlier in this thread, be also connecting the 5V rail to ground and thus waste power and generate excess heat?

    It looks like the circuit will not be able to handle a no load situation, eg modifying a car USB charger to be able to handle an HP touchpad during longer trips

    (unless I am understanding the image wrong and somehow the 5V rail does not have a direct path through the 2 shorted data pins and 2 resistors, to ground)

    Click to view quoted image
    Razor512, Your observation of the diagram is correct but your concern is unfounded!

    The current bled to ground through the 240K + 300K Ohm resistors is (5/ (300,000+240,000)) Amps which is 9.26 MicroAmps. The Power dissipated is 46 MicroWatts. This would take about 9 Million Hours to drain the average Car Battery!

    Quote Originally Posted by swicked1 View Post
    I sent a message to you... interested in one of your modified chargers, if you're still making and selling them.
    In addition, I have a question about the modified charger which I hope has not already been asked/answered.
    Can I use the modified charger to charge other devices; such as a Galaxy S3?
    Swicked, I have replied to you by email.

    As far as I know, the Galaxy S3 charges from a normal USB Port and it is only the Note and the Tab that require a specially configured port. I don't have a Samsung device so I can't test this for you.

    If your S3 charges from your TouchPad Barrel Charger then it should behave identically on a Car Charger modified as described in this thread..
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    I am interested in buying 2 chargers from Wheel_nut for my HP Touchpads. We are going on a 17 plus hour car trip with 4 kids. Thanks so much.
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    How can I buy a car charger for HP TouchPad from wheel_nut? Please let me know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deals4lc View Post
    How can I buy a car charger for HP TouchPad from wheel_nut? Please let me know.
    Send me a PM on this Board with your email details and I will send you details by return to your email address.
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    Ordered my modded charger from Wheel_Nut this past week and am ecstatic to receive it this week at some point. I expect a couple day delay due to the Holiday weekend but should be in great shape to be able to charge my TP here shortly at Full capability (AC equivalent) once received! Course its got a long Journey to travel from overseas all the way to the Great Northwest.

    Thank You Wheel_Nut for the great communication, all you guys great work here and for a great transaction!

    All my best wishes!

    ***Edit Update 12/17/13 - Rec'd the Modded Charger from Wheel_Nut exactly as ordered and within exact time frame to get across the big pond and over to the States. Unfortunately I had to leave town on a business trip before it arrived but, fortunately, it was sitting here on my desk upon my return! (Due to travel, I had to wait a couple extra weeks in order to try it out!) I'm glad to report the modded charger from Wheel_Nut is exactly what I was looking for and works exactly as described. If you're in a situation where you think you'll need to charge your TP while in the car and not wanting to use an inverter, I would highly recommend you get hold of him and plead your case! The charger is exactly what you want and the workmanship is second to none! I cannot tell at all what's been done to it from the outside but, I certainly know from reading all the great work in this thread that was done to accomplish the modded charger. Thanks again Wheel_Nut and it's been a Pleasure conversing with you! Happy Holidays as well! Kevin!
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    I just tried to make a charger using a "Powergen 4.2Amps / 20W Dual USB Car charger Designed for Apple and Android Devices" PowerGen 4.2Amps / 20W Dual USB Car charger Designed for Apple and Android Devices: Cell Phones & Accessories

    I opened it up, did not quite see how to to take out the resistors, it is all SMDs in there. Therefore decided to make a small cable (just personal use, no one else will use it, I won't lend it )

    I made the small cable, 550K from 5V to GND, 250K from 5V to data, 300K from data to GND.

    I dual boot my 4G, and using "Battery Monitor" I can see it detect the Non Apple output as USB attached and the Apple output as "AC attached". Nevertheless none of them changes the status from "Discharging" to "charging".

    Will I have to make a cable with a 500K pot between 5V and GND and dial it up to see which setting unleashes the Charging operation?
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    I don't know the Griffin device but if you are considering modifying but the device I use as a base is so cheap that you would be better buying that. If you like, I can post a picture of the innards and instructions on what to modify.
    Yes please ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulscarbs View Post
    Yes please ;-)

    look at RickV's Posts 107 to 120 on Page 6 of this thread. The pictures he has posted are of the Griffin Dual port Charger and should help you.
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    Hey Willy. Not sure if you still look around here or not but wanted to say thank you for posting your findings from sacrificing your original HP charger. My touchpad had the question mark of death after I let it drop to low for my generic Walmart charger to work and would only draw 113 mA from the charger I was using measured with a multi meter. After a bit of fighting and a lot of cursing and discharging the battery as far as I could by letting it show the question mark. I got my voltage divider set up for now as a modified cable. It started at 113 mA with a dancing white light on the home button but after about 20 min the draw started jumping up to 206 and back down to 113 for about a min and viola the high amp charging circuit kicked in. I'm now charging at 1805mA and believe I will see a boot screen soon. Thanked again for you research and posting your findings. And sorry everyone for being long winded.
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    Hello all. Trying to resurrect a TP I got for free. Thanks for the help here. I was able to charge and even ran a WEBOS for a minute. I build a charge cable but now it stays on battery logo for about 20seconds then switches to a plug then goes black. And it repeats itself. Is there something I'm doing wrong.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Snow View Post
    Hello all. ...... Is there something I'm doing wrong.?
    If you have got to the point where you have a display then you need to connect the TouchPad to the ORIGINAL Charger using a good quality MicroUSB Cable. The Original Charger has configuration resistors on the Data+ and Data- pins to handshake with the TouchPad ... and the Original Cable is capable of supplying 2.1Amps. Most commonly available cables will barely carry an Amp on the V+ and Gnd lines.
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