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    Ok I just got back from Office Depot. I printed out the page showing the discounted price and took it up to a manager. They had about 4 of everything in stock, so I grabbed a case and they knocked the price down from $49.99 to $19.99. So I got it for just shy of $22 after tax. I'm too poor to pick up the other accessories right now, but maybe I can score as good of a deal on the touchpad charger too when all the fire sale stuff has died down a little. :-)
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    Where did u get the print out from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wizard83 View Post
    Just ordered a Touchstone and the AC adapter. The AC adapter got me over the amount for free shipping and saved me $9.51 charge. So I only ended up paying like $6 for the Adapter. You can always use another AC adapter. Keep one plugged into the Touchstone and another for charging. I can use this for Touchpad or Pre.

    I would think that the Touchstone will not come with an extra AC adapter as the Stones for the Pre did not. Had to buy them separately.
    The TS Touchstones do come with an extra AC adapter.
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    Touchstone says out of stock
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    Already out of stock.
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    Just printed out the website with the price on it.
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    I just got a price match on a touchstone and case at my local store....they just looked it up on their site and matched it for me. And I got Forums on my pre- to watch this site...wonder if it will work on my new TP when it gets here?
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    All 3 are In Stock online.

    Gonna print the case and touchstone prices to see if the local Office Depot will honor it.
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    i tried to get the touchstone, but it shows as backorder :/
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    Blah TS out of stock, limited quantity at local store.... do I want to waste the gas and my lunch to run over there....
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    Thanks for the heads up guys. I just picked up a touchstone, cover, and keyboard. All for the same cost of what I paid for my Touchpad. lol!

    I went to my local store and they matched the price.
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    Thanks for the heads up guys!

    I also printed out the online sell from Office Depot. I went to the local store here in Austin, Tx and the managers put in the online price for me. Paid $64.93 after tax for the case and Touchstone, walked out the store with them. They still had 3 cases and two Touchstones left and one keyboard. Did not buy the keyboard, did not think I would use it.

    Find a local Office Depot that has them in Stock and print out a page from the online price and they will match it.

    Thanks again
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    I just called my closest Office Depot and they are holding a touchstone for me.
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    I called my store and was told they would not price match the website because it was a clearance but after seeing a few people get the price match I decided to try it because I am lucky enough to have a store .5 miles away. I talked to a guy stocking the shelves and he said they would do it no problem and told me to just go see the cashier. When I got to the front she was busy so the guy at customer service counter checked me out with no question asked, funny thing is that I'm pretty sure he was the one that told me no on the phone! I got the last touchstone and a keyboard and case, there was only one case and keyboard left. I'm typing on the keyboard now and love it! It works great!
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    Went to one store, grabbed a cover and touchstone, then asked if they would match. Spoke with the manager for about 5 minutes, but couldn't convince him to do so. So, I put them back.

    Anyway, continued to run my errands when I stumbled upon another Office Depot. What the heck, did the same thing. They checked the website, called the manager, and he said, "It's on our website at that price? Ok, why not? We're going to have to clear them out anyway." Grabbed a keyboard as well, and got out of there with my treasure for under $100 including tax!
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    I went to my local Office Depot and got a hold of the Touchstone, Folding Case, and Bluetooth keyboard and I only paid 96 bux after taxes.
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    As soon as I saw this thread, I jumped in my car. Cleaned out the two local Office Depot stores of all their accessories, which happened to work out to exactly 2 each of the Touchstone, case, and keyboard. Price rang up regular price in the store, but they price-matched their website (which I showed them on my Pixi).
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    However now that I check back online, it shows that the stores I just cleaned out have more in stock. I think they are putting them out one-at-a-time so people don't hoard them. Might go back tomorrow and see if they have more put out.
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    Or maybe they don't update that info frequently during the day?

    BTW, I was able to snag a case at a local OD, last one they had. :-)
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