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    Hey everybody, just got my TouchPad today. I was wondering if any of you have found a place to buy the TouchPad cover cheaper, since I feel the $49.99 price is a little steep. I am in Vancouver Canada, so unfortunately most eBay listings won't work for me as I'll end up paying duties anyway.
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    Just ordered cover from HP Home and Office for $39.99 and TouchPad Charging Dock for $63.99. Least expensive prices I have seen. Free shipping for orders over 49.99 but they do charge tax.
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    PreCentral's own store sells it as well for $44.95 not sure how much shipping would be to Canada though. Amazon is showing it for $36.58.
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    don't laugh now...
    I bought a stand and a sleeve from CVS for an iPad and it fits just fine
    $15 for both
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    Thanks for the advice everybody, I'll probably end up buying from Amazon as my fanboyism would never let me purchase any accessories designed for an Apple product, regardless of how nicely it fits.

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