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    I am looking for a slim yet protective case for my TouchPad. The pickings for cases specifically designed for the TP are still pretty slim. I have heard that Ipad2 cases will work.

    Anyone find a slim fitting folio case that works? I was looking at this one on Amazon.

    Thanks for any help.

    McKay Targus VuScape Protective Cover/Stand for Apple iPad 2 - 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, WiFi and WiFi + 3G THZ044US (Black/Blue Interior): Electronics

    (I love the copy paste feature!!!)
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    No! IPad 2 cases will not work at all! I think what you are referring to is the iPad 1 cases. Yes, I have heard that iPad 1 cases will usually work within little user modification. But if you are looking for buying a case and it fitting perfectly, not for you.
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    Thanks! So I'll be looking for illusive IPad 1 cases. Dang.... Harder to find and likely not really what I am looking for.

    Thanks for the tip.
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    Not true. I had an iPad2 case while waiting for HP's to get shipped. It worked fine but non-compatible with the TouchPad.

    Hip Street iPad2 Standing Portfolio. Sold at Staples for $29.99.
    I've tried twice to get that link to work and if it doesn't work this time, there's the info you need to find it
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    what do you mean by non-compatible?

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    I have that case on my TouchPad, but the one made for the ipad 1. I found it at Bestbuy for 24.99 last week and it fits perfect. All the buttons are accessible and the speakers sound fine even though they are covered by the bottom lip
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    I ordered that one:

    By end of the week I should know more.

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