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    wife really likes red and I saw a roo case in red. Anyone tried it? does TP charge on touchstone with case?

    anyone know if ipad roo case will fit the touchpad.

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    From what I've read on the forums, ipad cases should fit the touchpad. I believe roocase is actually coming out with 2 cases for the touchpad in a week or 2. Don't know if they will offer different color schemes though, at least initially.

    I think I'm gonna go with this one: rooCASE Multi-Angle (Black) Leather Folio Case Cover for HP TouchPad 9.7-inch Tablet Computer Wi-Fi: Electronics
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    I'm pretty sure it will fit, but I don't believe the ports will line up. If you look around on amazon you'll actually find a roo case for the touchpad, actually two. They have a regular case and an executive case, which is the one I ordered. Both look too thick to charge with the touchstone but look like they really protect the device. Neither one of the cases are out yet, I believe they will be out next week and have mine on pre-order. Hopefully it will be here next week or the week afterwards. The roo cases also have a lot of good feedback on amazon for the xoom and other devices.

    update:: looks like I won't be getting mine next week. They changed the release date for the executive case to the 20th. Kinda bummed, but hopefully my protective skin will make it.
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    thanks guys. Maybe I need to wait a little and see what the new roo cases look like.

    anybody know about this one on ebay? It looks like the HP case

    HP Touchpad RED Genius Leather Stand / Case / Cover - eBay (item 280719384200 end time Sep-03-11 07:15:01 PDT)
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    no clue but I got the official HP case for $19.99 on

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