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    Better than when you got your first touchstone charger for your pre?

    I remember waiting until Christmas of 09 and getting a touchstone as a present to use with my pre that I bought near launch and man did I underestimate how much better the overall experience was having the pre and touchstone combination was.

    So I was just being curious and excited about it because mine is coming on Friday for my touchpad and I can't wait for that similar experience again but I feel like this is on another level lol. Damn I'm such a webOS geek lol.
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    its cool but the HP official case doubles as a stand. If money is tight get case and keyboard. All 3 is even nicer which is what I have.
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    I have a zune with the dock, and now having the touchstone dock for my TP, in comparison, the experience is much improved. I don't have to fumble with lining up the plugs, damaging connectors, removing cases, etc. which can only be good thing. Less wear and stress on the plastic openings that may be prone to cracking based on what I've been reading lately.
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    I am loving the touchstone for the touchpad. Although the thing I liked most about my Pre touchstone was using in my car and having the magnent keeping it secure. I hope HP comes out with a slick car dock.

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