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    It seems there may be a way to charge electric cars without cords and cables. It looks similar to Touchstone (or PowerMatt) tech...

    Charging electric cars wirelessly | Video |
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    Interesting concept, but the idea of putting these in parking lots or under roadways... Too expensive. And without that motivation, car manufacturers will not be putting the necessary equipment to use this innovation in their cars. Plus with inductive charging, the larger the air gap, the less efficient the transfer. In other words, I don't think this technology will ever become mainstream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    Interesting concept, but the idea of putting these in parking lots or under roadways... Too expensive.
    I wonder how the world would look today if, 100 years ago, people would've said "these motorcars are a nifty idea, but the idea of having to put asphalt on every street... far too expensive." But you're right. This is the mindset we're having today.

    What I find much more interesting than charging electric cars is switching out batteries the way BetterPlace is doing. THAT may, in fact, become the future. Drove 30km and want to top off your battery? Charge at any parking space. Got to drive a longer distance and your battery is nearing empty on the highway? Pull into a switching station and get a new battery pack installed within two minutes.
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    Asphalt is much cheaper than the way we used to pave roads--with bricks--and it is cheaper than more durable methods available today, like concrete. That's why it is so widely used. Yes, it has to be maintained far more often than concrete, but governments are willing to put the money into maintaining it rather than paying a higher price up front for something that needs less maintenance.

    If you look at most any building methods and compare them over the years, some may have improved with industrialization, but most of the time they are not necessarily improvements in any area other than cost.

    As the saying goes, they really don't make things like they used to. Try to get someone to build an exact match of the Empire State Building today and they would either laugh at you or price it into the stratosphere. It really is a shame.
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