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    ive got a Bluetooth Logitech keyboard which seems to generate a random sequence of seven numbers no fun at all
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    i am using the same keyboard, and i liked it so much that i wanted to use it with my pc, heres the guide how to get missing functionality! works both on android and ipad version

    Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad key remapping | alsoko

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    I ended up switching from the Logitech to HP's BT keyboard. They're both great keyboards. I really love that handy case that comes with the Logitech but I got tired of having to enter the 6-digit numerical password TWICE everytime I paired it to my TP and I had to type it in twice--once via the virtual keyboard on the TP and again on the Logitech itself.
    does the hp keyboard fit in the case?

    I don't know how this beats having the touchstone and the keyboard. yes its pricier but you are charging the TP also with that setup.

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