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    Quote Originally Posted by 2TouchDroid? View Post
    I ordered 3, but I'm not holding my breath, I've already had one cancelled elsewhere. I find it hard to believe that they have 705 in stock, and it didn't update to 702 after my order.

    Used Google Checkout for an extra level of security just in case.
    Just got my cancellation notice. :-(

    Luckily found this...

    HP Touchpad Touchstone Wireless Charging Dock for $46 + free shipping

    look for th HP coupon tab at the top.

    Thanks aznriptide859
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    Wrote to CostCentral about my order and received this non-response:


    We are processing and sending the orders to our warehouses, we are doing our best to ship orders out in the order we have received them. We have multiple groups processing orders and we ship from warehouses across the US. Some warehouses may have longer shipping queues then others.

    Our staff is working to process and ship each and every order as quickly as possible. If there are any processing concerns you will be emailed directly.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to tell you exactly when your order will ship. If you see that your card has been charged, the order has been shipped and cannot be canceled. Tracking will be available in your online account, and a tracking number will also be emailed within approximately 24-48 hours. Please login to your online account and tracking will be located under the order history page.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.
    I wish I had known the HP store was getting more in before ordering from these jokers but I don't want to double order on stuff now so I wish they'd either cancel or ship the stupid stuff. Last time I deal with these guys.
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    Ordered mine from Costcentral on the 31st, the same day HP got them back in stock.
    Tried to cancel it the same day, figured it was safer ordering from HP, but got a response that it had already shipped. When i replyed and asked for tracking information i go no response... but i checked this morning and there is tracking information under my order and I should receive it tomorrow.

    So they are shipping them, but the customer service isn't great, probably because the sheer number of orders they are dealing with.

    As long as i get mine and it works, i have no complaints.
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    went to my local Office Max last night and they had two Touchstones in stock at a clearance price of 50. I was able to add match the Office Depot price of 39.99. So I was able to get the last two in town because I have been everywhere. Now all we need is two covers and we will be all set.
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    Crossing my fingers another OD store will have one in stock. Their website shows "limited availability" so I'm off to call and see if they can hold one for me, if indeed they do have any more in stock.
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    picked up a touchstone for $24. If anyone else is interested in a similar deal >>>
    bought $40 in staples rewards bucks off ebay for $24
    went to staples and had them price match best buy $39.99 price (office depot also has he $39.99). Paid with the rewards bucks. The reward bucks take the price off before tax, so I had $0.00 due after the reward coupons.

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    my touchstone from costcentral arrived this morning...ordered it on the 30th…confirmation email stated it would be delivered on the 7th via usps…so it's early...
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    Ordered on the 29th and still no news, no information on the site when I check my order and no response from customer service aside from the e-mail quoted above. My optimism is rapidly fading.
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    Touchstone - $49.99 @ Staples this morning.

    Found only two left within a 100 mile radius. Had the wife run and get hers and I got mine first thing this morning.

    Saw them on their website for $39.99 yesterday and expected to pay that this morning, but I guess the price got jacked back up overnight. I couldn't even pull up the TouchStone on their website at the cash register for a price match. They had already yanked it off thier site.

    Was going to try and do a price match to BestBuy (they had been showing it @ $39.99 too, but ran out of stock long ago), but now BestBuy is showing it back up at $79.99.

    Oh well. At least we got ours. And $50 is better than $80.
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    As long as we're bumped, mine finally arrived from CostCentral yesterday evening. Delivered via UPS rather than the USPS they said it shipped by (that's not a complaint, just that they seem to be confused over there).
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    Does anyone have a saved copy of the Walmart ad, it was showing the discount price of the touchstone and case. as it is no longer showing up.

    Or any other store for that matter that show the discount price, I'm trying to use it to get a price match/adjustment.

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    Will Walmart price match another Walmart store?

    The jerk manager at my local Walmart, after refusing to sell them to me at the discount price, turned around 2 days later and now has them red-labeled for discontinued/sale price item.
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    I just bought mine for $39 and free shipping on amazon.

    I have no idea if they will charge for shipping, but since i signed up for one month free trial for the amazon prime, the two day shipping came out free.

    Tip: sign up for the amazon free trial, remember to set up your account not to upgrade automatic when it experies.

    I have been looking for it for a while, and i always found for 39 plus tax and shipping, and since its not something that i need, its just something that i want, i waited for a good deal. enjoy ppl!
    Order # 439xxxx placed on saturday, 08/20 around 8pm.
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    It's still $39 at Amazon today with free super saver shipping (just make sure to select the right shipping when you checkout). Use a Discover card and you should also get 2% back--not much but it helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonton83 View Post
    Tip: sign up for the amazon free trial, remember to set up your account not to upgrade automatic when it experies.
    If you have access to an .edu e-mail address, you can sign up for Amazon Student. Six-month free trial, with an option to upgrade to Amazon Prime for $39/yr (for four years, IIRC) afterwards.

    If you are a parent, you can sign up for Amazon Mom. Three-month free trial.
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    Anyone here of any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for the Touchstone or Bluetooth Keyboard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3FLi View Post
    Anyone here of any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for the Touchstone or Bluetooth Keyboard?
    Oh, yes. But up to now i didn't find any offers in the announcements.
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