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    This was recently posted on Engadget: Apple's inductive charging patent application finally puts its earbuds to good use -- Engadget

    All I have to say is....what? They take inductive charging and make it...wired? How is this easier than simply plugging in your device or, as webOS fans enjoy, dropping it onto a wireless charging device? Im worried that Apple may simply be after inductive charging patents so they can attack companies for using it.
    I dream of World Wide webOS.
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    I think I made one of those in high school!

    I guess I missed a patent opportunity....
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    The crazy thing about it is if this exact device were to be released tomorrow....I'm sure it would be a hit (sales-wise).
    I dream of World Wide webOS.
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    LMAO It will probably sell because Steve Jobs says “It is something wonderful”
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    This would sell millions in a month, immediately silencing all "Touchstone is a gimmick" voices and raising all of the same voices in a loud, sardonic song of "this is much better, just look at how many units Apple is selling"

    Note: it's really important to be the first to do something if HP is not the first to do it. If HP is, in fact, the first to do something, being first is completely irrelevant and all that matters is who popularizes it. If Palm was, in fact, both the first one to ever do it as well as the one to popularize something (smartphones), that doesn't matter either if Apple "reinvented" the technology by copying it and putting their name on it. Because that makes everything better. Because Apple is better. Than anything.
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    This ****es me off palm has had this for 2 1/2 years and apple is just like i like the idea lets take if screw you apple.
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    Yeah, Palm had smartphones for like a decade when Apple was just like "i like the idea of a phone that also does internet and email, let's take it" and everbody went "WHOA, it's not just a phone, it's also an iPod AND an internet communication device??? HERE STEVE TAKE MY DOLLARS, MY FIRSTBORN SON'S SOUL AND MY FIRSTBORN DAUGHTER'S VIRGINITY."

    (Note that while I'm an unabashed webOS fan, I couldn't care less about Palm. I never had a Palm device before my Pre and VASTLY preferred WinMo6 to PalmOS. I still respect the fact that Palm invented the smartphone even if most people would tell you that Apple did because they "reinvented" it or some crap. Apple only put a capacitive screen in a phone half a year before everyone else did. Huge effing deal, right? Especially when you consider that that phone didn't have any apps at all.)

    There's a saying in Germany: Den Seinen gibt's der Herr im Schlafe. The Lord provides for his friends while they sleep.

    Right now all Apple has to do is to sleep: if they copy a feature someone else invented, people will consider it better now that Apple has it; if they improve on a feature someone else invented, people will say it's only usable now that Apple has it and that this improvement is a revolution. If someone else copies a feature Apple invented, people will call them copycats; if someone else improves on a feature Apple has invented, people will call them copycats, and that Apple's implementation is easier to use (if the other one is more powerful) or that Apple's implementation is more powerful (if the other one is easier to use).
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    if that design came from anyone but apple, it would be laughed at and mocked...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74sickness View Post
    This ****es me off palm has had this for 2 1/2 years and apple is just like i like the idea lets take if screw you apple.
    And they're at it they sue Android manufactures using their portfolio of vague patents to try to stifle a competing platform while at the same time copying what they're doing that Apple hasn't yet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    if that design came from anyone but apple, it would be laughed at and mocked...
    But since it IS from Apple, and Apple makes THE best technology, it must mean that we're all just too stupid to appreciate the utter genius of this design. It combines the best of two worlds: it's inductive, but you can still plug in your device just like you've always done! Brilliant!

    Do you know how many devices Apple ships every year? How many do you ship every year? and you think YOU can say that anyone should laugh at and mock Apple?

    Apple sells a lot of phones, that means Apple is perfect, and that means that everything Apple does or makes is perfect. PROOF!
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    I guarantee you all that this will never see the light of day. It's just an idea. A rather stupid on. I the whole point of charging inductively it to remove the tether. If i have to rap my headphones around a post everytime i want to charge my iPod, i'd sooner just plug it in the old fashioned way.

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