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    I was sending a tweet and have discovered that I have to hold down the left Shift key to select #.

    The odd thing is the right shift key works for anyother key I've tried. I've tested all keys with both shift keys just to make sure it is isolated the the 3 and the right shift key.

    When I press the right shift key and 3, nothing is entered.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed this with their keyboard.
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    Works ok for me. Try to reboot?
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    I have a 2nd keyboard and it is doing the same thing.

    Does anyone else have an HP Bluetooth keyboard to check for me?

    By the way, I have reset it, and I did reload the OS with WebOSDoctor. I have not loaded any homebrew patches since the doctor reload.

    Before dropping the first keyboard off at the Post office, I drove to the local best buy, where Ryan "The HP Guy", helped me verify that the # key did not work on the display model either.
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    Mine did the same with the first touchpad I had, had to send it back for other reasons, and I don't have the problem any more. Again, same keyboard, it was the touchpad that was the issue. Also, is there a way to switch between cards using the keyboard? I can't figure out why the blazes you would put a card view button on the keyboard, but not have the arrow keys go card to card, with return selecting one. It just seems so half baked.
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    I actually noticed this the first day I got my keyboard. It is a bit weird of an issue, but isn't much more than a very small annoyance for me personally. At least it still works with the left shift. Don't use the # symbol much anyway.
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    Rockett0, did the 3.0.2 update fix your keyboard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedtouch View Post
    Rockett0, did the 3.0.2 update fix your keyboard?
    It did fix the issue.

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