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    Hi I ordered the charging dock and a case for my Touchpad on the 23rd July, received an email confirmation of my order yesterday (26th) with the following message
    We currently expect to have your complete order in stock by 05/08/2011, and delivered to you 1-2 working days after that. This is based on the information provided from our warehouse and factories, but may change. We regret that we cannot guarantee a particular date for delivery to you.
    Did HP have such low expectations that they have run out of stock already or are they making it to order.

    I ordered a replacement battery for my Pre from an independent ebay trader on the same day and got it the next day.

    I have stuck with Palm (Well I started with Handspring) through the phones with sealed backs that you couldn't get replacement batteries for, all the way up to the pre and now the pad but as a UK user I am still waiting (after the so called "Hard Launch")for the Kindle app and as a customer am still waiting for anything that looks like a usable office tool for the touchpad.
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    I would assume they ran out of stock. Amazon had some delays on getting official HP-branded TouchPad cases and even Touchstones out quickly. I got my case and Touchstone well over a week after ordering it, even though I have Amazon Prime.
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    I took delivery today so looks like HP where allowing themselves some leeway with the new stock and delivery times.

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