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    I grabbed an HP TouchPad case at my friendly Wal-mart yesterday but on the way out realized that I don't need the thing right away, and could probably find better prices online. I've done some digging through Froogle and have found some decent prices but figured I'd ask you guys before picking one up - Any dynamite deals out there? Anybody selling a dock and case combo? I know QVC had a crazy deal on a 32GB unit with case and dock but I had Early Adopter syndrome and picked mine up the day before Launch Day.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Via work Employee Purchase Plan (EPP) via HP plus another 10$ discount coupon found online I can get HP case and Touchstone for right around 110$ with next day shipping FREE. I know EPP isn't for everyone but for those that do apply check it out. That's the best deal I could find.

    EDIT: Actually it was an extra 15$ discount so total was 107$. HP has codes SAVE15HP for orders of 75+ or if you get to over 150$ order SAVE30HP for coupon code.
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    I paid about $100 for the touchstone+case from Amazon.
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    If you're a member of Sam's club, you can get the case for $36. Walmart has an awesome bundle on line when buying the TP as well.
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    Thanks for all the help, I'll see if we still have an HP discount plan at work, although I doubt it since we switched to Dell about 3 years ago. Riahsdad, I'm not a Sam's club member but I wonder if BJ's sells TouchPad accessories...
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    Oddly we are a Dell company too but still have an HP discount.

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