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    Anyone know any tricks for getting a bluetooth headphone to auto-connect? The first bluetooth headset that I paired with my Pre2 would always auto-connect. I switched to a different pair (exact same model as the first pair) but I can never get the second pair to auto-connect.

    I deleted the pairing information for the first pair, but the second pair still won't ever auto-connect. I always have to open up the bluetooth dropdown and tap on my headset (which it can obviously see, since it's already shown in the menu) to get it to connect.
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    Typically bluetooth headphones and headsets will auto-connect with the last device they connected to, and I've had the same results with my Pre. I have bluetooth headphones, a headset and a car kit and all auto-connect fine with my Pre-. My guess is it may be a problem with the headset itself.

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