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    I bought a wireless keyboard along with my TouchPad a few days ago. I'm using it a lot and I'm really appreciating having it, but I have a problem. I can't for the life of me figure out how to perform cut/copy/paste operations. Perhaps my Google-** isn't strong enough, but I haven't even been able to figure out IF the keyboard has that functionality, nor can I find a detailed manual for it. As a device that is supposed to be used 'for longer emails' I would expect it to have it, especially as you can use the shift and direction keys to select areas of text.

    If the keyboard does NOT have these features, is it possible to add it through patches of any sort? Or is that beyond the limit of homebrewers as of yet?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    To highlight text, select first word by pressing down and holding until it gives you a "select" or "select all" option bubble. If you pick "select" then the word turns yellow (highlight) and then you use your finger to drag the yellow highlight to select the desired text. And then I believe you cut,copy,paste by press & holding the screen (with cursor in correct position).

    I know it isnt the BT keyboard answer you were looking for, but that should get you through until there's another solution.
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    Thanks, sledge, I'm currently using that, but as a keyboard-oriented person when using a desktop/laptop I'm struggling
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    I believe this is maybe fixed by aaaaaaanother OTA... as this is actually works as ok when BT KB connected with None-WebOS PC...
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    Well I just bought the keyboard today (and the case/TS ) and figured out how highlight text. Hold Shift and any arrow key to highlight text. Still haven't figure out the cut, copy, paste yet, but that's a start.

    Holding Control & Shift will highlight one word at a time.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've owned my TouchPad for three days and I had been frustrated by my inability to figure out how to copy and paste.
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    So I take it that the normal Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-X do not work once text is selected.

    I think that's the functionality which was being asked about right?
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    The pre works by touching the gesture area and pressing C, V or X on the keypad. I'd be surprised if there wasn't some similar permutation on the the keyboard

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    As far as I've been able to ascertain, there's no way to do it through the keyboard. Now that we finally have Quick Office document editing this is functionality that is going to be even more sorely missed!

    Can any homebrewers tell me - s it theoretically possible to develop a homebrew implementation Mathis functionality?
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    I just got my keyboard in the post today, I love how sleek it is.

    I was disappointed by the lack of keyboard shortcut. Using Ctrl and Left/Right to move past words at a time is nice.

    Would it at all be possible to add Copy, Paste, Cut and Select All functions by keyboard shortcuts? Through homebrew or other means, The only other Ctrl function is Ctrl+3 for the notification (which is odd as that function has it's own button).

    You can go to card view with the button. However, I find it odd that you can't scroll through them with left/right, but that's not much of a biggie. The Play/Pause button also doesn't work with Spotify while the skip buttons do, but I'm just glad that Spotify even works on the Touchpad.
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    I've definitely noticed the lack of, and missed, the lack of keyboard shortcuts and the (so for) inability to use a positioning device like a mouse or trackball. I know it's a touchscreen, but when you have it set up with a keyboard it just begs for an alternative input device to the right side of the keyboard. I'm about to go hunt for some threads on this and se if anyone has had any success with this.
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    Scrolling with the arrow keys doesn't work either. Also the arrow keys don't work with flash games and none of the keys work with flash games if you play full-screen.
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    Yes the keyboard is great although no copy and paste shortcuts is really a PITA for tackling any editing composition work.
    Loos like HP can sell the accessories but forgot about keyboard shortcuts in WebOS

    by the way I have put a bounty on a patch request to see if any developer wants to take this up
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    Found another way to select text and copy/paste. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard after turning Caps Lock on. Then just tap on the highlighted text to bring up the cut/copy/paste options. Works great!

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