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    Hey everyone. I found this touchpad case on ebay. i thought it was the one from hp, but its not . I going to keep it because it is cheap and works. Not sure if it charges with the touchstone, but it does fit the touchpad tightly and has a magnetic cover. Also doubles as a stand. Adds some thickness, but i don't have the HP case to compare. Its way better then using any ipad case so its worth a try

    Black Leather Case Cover With Stand For HP TouchPad - eBay (item 190555055270 end time Aug-12-11 20:40:57 PDT)
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    Is the back a flat piece or is it form fitted to the tp? You've had it for a few weeks now, do you still like it?
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    its ok. I wish it fit the touchpad a bit tighter, but it does fit better then any iPad case. I am actually getting the HP case this weekend so if you want this one just PayPal me $5 for shipping and I'll give it to you.
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    I gave this case a try as well - they're something like $12 on eBay.

    For others considering this case:
    Yes, it works... but I wish the case fit a little more tightly. The unit slides around a bit, and the camera and button don't always perfectly line up with the cutouts in the case if it slides around. The TP slides maybe 0.25" in any direction, depending on gravity.

    The opening for the screen is about the exact size as the TP's screen. This can make using the UP gesture difficult, because the case prevents your finger from starting low enough on the screen to correctly make the gesture. Odds are 50-50 if the gesture will work.

    It does charge on the touchstone charger, but not in every orientation. Not a big deal. When using and charging in the horizontal orientation, the cover folds towards you, where a real keyboard would be on a laptop.

    Finally, when it is folded into a wedge shape and you are typing on it in that slightly raised orientation, the stability offered is marginal. In the top rear, there are two areas where it can fold that affect this orientation. So, both tend to bend a little and the result isn't firm.

    I haven't compared this to the official HP one, but for someone wanting general protection it is perfectly fine. Just don't expect to love every part of it.
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    I got the same case. It's very loose, you can velcro or tape the flap tighter to keep it tight. Got mine for $14 shipped through Amazon. It has cut outs in all the right places, has a magnetic lid to keep it closed and charges in the Touchstone stand, even through the cover lid folded behind. Overall it's cheap and works as protection and a stand. With it loose it's hard to swipe up on the cards, but you can alwas hit the button to bring up cards.

    For <$15 I can live with it not fitting perfectly.

    Note almost all IPad 1 covers will fit, just have to make sure the cutouts are in the right place, commonly the speakers end up being covered up.

    Here's a list of the ones I have tried in store,

    Cygnett: Lavish and Glam Ipad 2 models all work well. Has magnetic lid so stays shut. But it may not charge through touchstone, as it is thick due to hinge in middle.
    ~ $49.99

    Targus - Zierra Portfolio Case for AppleŽ iPadŽ 1 and 2 - Black
    ~ 59.99

    Speaker port Mod needed for both Belkin models below.
    both are a tight fit, had a hard time getting them back out, Also has hinge in middle as well so it may not work with touchstone stand.

    Belkin - Flip Folio Case for AppleŽ iPadŽ 2 - Purple Lightning/Midnight

    Belkin - Access Folio Case for AppleŽ iPadŽ 2 - Black. This one is even tighter fit than the one above. very hard to take back out as it is a very tight fit.

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