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    My wife has an Apple Wireless Keyboard for her iPad and I'd love to try it out with my Touchpad. Anyone know how to pair the two? Every time I try it asks for the pairing code.
    "0000" and "1234" aren't working.
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    Well that was quick. A little more digging and I found that after it asks for the code on the Touchpad, there is a pause where it wants you to enter the same code on the keyboard and press enter, even though it doesn't prompt you to.

    So if you want to pair an Apple Wireless Keyboard with your TP, no prob. Just type in any code on your TP when it asks, enter the same code on the Apple keyboard and press enter!
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    Exactly, it took some time to figure that out for me too. I bought a logitech wireless keyboard for iPad that works just fine on my TP
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    different pairing modes lead to different pairing experience...
    Touchpad+HP Bluetooth keyboard is just SSP(simple pairing process) protocol,no passcode required, good user experience, good for you...
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    Pairing works really fine between the Apple keyboard and the TouchPad. However the TouchPad recognizes my german keyboard as US keyboard. Hence z and y (and several other symbols) are different and umlauts are missing completely.
    Does anyone know how to change the locale of the connected keyboard? If not directly changeable via setting, this should be fixable with a patch.
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    Thanks for the help in pairing the Apple Wireless keyboard!

    Is there some shortcuts that can help navigating the TP from the keyboard? right now every key I press sends me to the searching bar (I'm looking for switch cards trough a shortcut for example).


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