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    the cables (with in-line mic) that come with the on-ear ones (solo) WILL NOT work. Odd that it wont. But the cables that come with the Studio ones will. The ordinary cables without mics work onn the other hand.

    Dont ask me why. They need to address that. Given that Toucnpads have Beats audio.

    oh and they sound AWESOME!

    No more volume problems. Great for audiophiles like me.
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    Bought Sennheiser 280 pros after listening to TouchPad with Shure, Beats Audio headphones and Sennheiser at the store. Amazon is having a sale on the Sennheisers, they sound great and are light on the ear although headphones are large, cord is thicker than beats cord and is curly. They do not have a mic attached. Am hoping to use TouchPad as speakerphone but so far am hearing my voice has an echo.

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