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    when I buy a shield I want a skin to be a perfect fit on the device. If you are like me and like things you buy to be perfect dont buy skinomi for the touchpad. I would think since every touchpad is the same they would make a really nice fitting shield. Not so. The shield specs are a bit off.
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    You just saved me a blind purchase of it on Amazon. Thank you! What are the other options though?

    I loved the feel & visibility of the BodyGuardz skins on the Pre....I hope they produce one for the TouchPad.
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    phantomskinz also makes nice shields for the pre/2
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    I would recco phantonskinz. I love mine for the pre 2. Fits so perfectly. I bet phantom makes a great shield for the tp. Skinomi is okay but it does not fit perfectly
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    I installed the skinomi shield, and the fit is near perfect.
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    Not happy with the fit on mine. The skin (back) is cut really poorly. The screen protector is hardly a quality fit. If it doesn't clear up soon, it will be in the garbage along side the skin (back) portion.
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    I ordered mine like 2 weeks before launcher and just got it yesterday. I installed it and I am pleased with fitment for the most part. The screen was easy to install and has nearly no bubbles. The back was a little tricky. It has a few bubbles and even with a hairdryer I had a hard time with the corners. My skin had NO hole for the mic, and the headphones and power had a cutout stamp, but were not cut through fully. I just trimmed them off with scissors. This morning it looks a little better but still some bubbles on the back. I put it in the hp case and one of the corners popped loose, so I just cut it off. I just wanted to put it in the case and have the skin as backup. Over im pleased, but I'd rather of payed like $15 max for it.
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    with gorilla glass do you really need a shield?

    just wondering.
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    Yes you need a shield for scratches, glare and fingerprints. It also increase the long term value.
    I just dont understand how the home button cut out doesnt perfectly match the touchpads.
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