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    I have been thinking about the kind of case I would like. and I think since the Touchpad may mean I do not carry my old moleskin notebook as much, i thought I might like the same sort of look and fele to the case.

    Anyboday like/try teh DoDoCase for iPad? (iPad Cases by DODOcase)

    Looks like that one might even work for the touchpad.

    Thoughts? Testimonials? similar products?
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    After this post I saw what is dodo cases and I liked it. I emailed them about touchPad, but

    Hi There,
    We don't have any set plans for an HP Touchpad case at this time, however it is something we will keep in mind.

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    Had one of the early DODOcases for the iPad. Great concept but found the bamboo frame warped and the rubber bumpers did not hold the iPad in snuggly or flush to frame. May well have been early start up issues but I went back to original Apple case.
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    thanks...tracing some history it seems that are better (up to version 4)
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    These cases have a great design (both dodo & padandquill), but they seem to add significant bulk. For the ipad 2, that may not be a problem but for our Touchpads, I can see it being the straw that broke the camel's back. Also, the design and lack of a flexible cover seems to limit the positions you can have the device in. With the HP case, I can position the Touchpad in both landscape positions (speakers up or down). I do wish that I can have more angles. And a pocket to hold my microfiber cloth and a pen.
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    OK due to my impatient nature, and my desire to rpotect my TP, I bought the HP Case. Plain, basic, but fucnitonal. I likie it for now. I will wait until I see a pad&quill or similar actually MADE for the TP, and then I will buy that one too. But for now, TP is comfortably and safely nestled in my HP case.,

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