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    If you're putting on one of those sticky static based screen protectors and not the water based ones where you can move it around, here's a tip. The biggest challenge is putting it on without getting any lint or dust trapped underneath. It just gets tougher the bigger the screen.

    Use scotch tape to pick up the dust/lint you see on the SCREEN PROTECTOR side as you're applying the protector... this is where most get trapped. It will take some work and patience but you'll end up with a much cleaner installation.
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    I just bought the one sold in walmart (Griffin matte) and it has dust specks underneath. I will try this out...thanks for the tip!
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    Post-it notes also work great for collecting specs of dust, hair, or otherwise. Sorli...
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    A method I have used for many years is to apply the screen protector film in the bathroom after running a hot shower to create a bit of steam in the air. The steam clears the air of most of the airborne dust.

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