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    two that peaked my interest are a BT keyboard, SumacLife Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for HP Touchpad Tablet: Office Products

    and this nice leather case, rooCASE Executive Portfolio (Black) Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View for HP TouchPad 9.7-inch Tablet Computer Wi-Fi: Electronics

    -- I've already purchased my touchstone and the HP branded case... debating on whether or not the HP BT Keyboard is a worthwhile purchase for the money.... however this brand is a nice chunk cheaper.

    I haven't heard of either of these companies, so I'd figured I'd ask your thoughts.
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    Interesting. I have no idea but will be curious to read responses as well.
    One note is the keyboard comes with $14 shipping, so with free shipping you are not saying all that much over the TP one. But would be glad to see quality products from third parties coming for the TP.
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    I think any bluetooth keyboard will work.
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    I have that style rooCase for my Xoom, they don't have a full set of pictures posted so here's a link to the Xoom version. I've stopped using the inner sleeve, it has velcro on the back to help it stick in either landscape or portrait to the outer folio when it is open and propped up with it's kickstand. The scratchy side of the velcro is on the Xoom half - which means that if i'm holding it in my lap or in bed without the outer case the darned velcro rips at everything.

    I do still use the outer case to transport the Xoom, it's has room for a stylus/pen and some paper and stuff, and without the inner case there's a little extra room inside so i can carry any other misc papers i need.

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