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    Just received the official HP keyboard and have paired it. However, every few letters I type, it switches to card view or to the "Just type" search interface. Have checked to ensure those buttons are not stuck. Ideas welcome. Nice keyboard.
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    just paired up a logitech mediaboard pro (ps3). It is working OK. The palm help page on BT does not really provide much in the way of instructions for navigating with keyboard. Is there a way to return to card view with the KB?
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    Paired an AZERTY Logitech Dinovo mini but the mapping is QWERTY ! Is there a way to modify the layout ?
    Same problem with an QWERTZ Apple KB :
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcard30 View Post
    Paired my apple bluetooth keyboard works fine.
    How did you do that? Which code did you used?
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    I was able to pair my Logitech diNovo Edge with it but only thing that worked was typing
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    Quote Originally Posted by ap3604 View Post
    God I love technology
    That's what Harry said...well, he used the word 'magic', but...

    I'm hoping to have the opportunity to do this soon...if firesale 2 ever gets here!
    Sent from my slowly diminishing intellect

    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaillon View Post
    How did you do that? Which code did you used?
    Apple Bluetooth KeyBoard - older model came IMAC intel circa 2006

    * enable bluetooth on the touchpad.

    * make your apple keyboard discoverable (turn it on, blinking light)

    * in the bluetooth settings choose Add Device.

    * change the type to "KeyBoard"

    * it will find the keyboard, and prompt you to enter a passkey.

    * enter 0000 (for example) hit Next

    * after you hit next go to the apple keyboard and type 0000 and then hit
    the return key.

    * Pairing spinning progress circle should freeze, then you should be connected.

    remember, you are free to make up the passkey, so it can be anything you want. i typically use a four number combo, but macs have something like an eight digit one when you pair them. don't worry what it was on your mac, you are making this one up.
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    I have paired a Verizon universal (marketed as xoom keyboard) bt keyboard that is meant to be used with androids. The letters worked as did the directional buttons. Everything else wouldn't work like the +/- volume buttons, forward back and play buttons. The android buttons (menu, back, home, search) did nothing but type in random letters.

    Goto and search for part# MOTMZ600KBRD I work for Verizon so I have plenty of time to try these things lol.
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    I get a pairing failed message w my old palm Bluetooth keyboard. It finds the device just find but no pairing. It asks for a code and I've been using 0000 for both units but still no soap. Its been a couple of years since I've tried to do this so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Suggestions?
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    i m not sure how old the keyboard is but it the to finds the in just fine but no pairing.
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    like konsole i got the logitech mediaboard pro for ps3 working on the touchpad, very nice. minor gripe is you cannot switch to launcher etc... just type - the mouse touchpad on the keyboard just generates seemingly random chars.
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    Motorola Xoom Bluetooth keyboard does not pair which is a shame as it seems silly getting another keyboard...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk View Post
    My stowaway Ultra thin Bluetooth keyboard works like a charm. The lack of an esc does bring up a good question. Would we be able to remap the keyboard?

    I'm looking forward to my Acela train rides to NY now

    How did you get your's to pair? My TP sees the keyboard but then I get "pairing failed"

    What are you using for a passcode - mine will not accept no passcode and when I try 1234, 1111, 0000, or anything like that, I never get a chance to enter it on the keyboad.

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