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    Skinomi TechSkin - Screen Protector Shield for HP TouchPad
    I just bought. What are your thoughts?
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    does anyone use this for their TP
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    I used one on an Asus Eee Pad Transformer and it was a good product
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    thanks so much. They just shipped mine and I am hoping its good. I love phantomskinz but doesnt look like they are supporting the tp.
    anyone else like their skinomi or have one for the tp?
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    I ordered one, the usps tracking never updated. They said they sent another and I never received that yet either. I am in Ohio, I wonder if they're in California and its just taking forever? I ordered it 2 weeks before the TouchPad released so I could have it ready to install and not get any scratches... :-/ Hope I get it soon.
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    geez, my update tracker never updated. Did anyone get theirs?
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    I was looking at getting one, I have one for my pre+ and I have been happy with it. Tricky to get one, but that was worth it and my screen has been good ever since.

    Let me know your experience with it and maybe I will get one too. I was happy for the fact that they support the TP.
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    Mine finally came, after emailing w/ customer service over the past week. Anyhoo, does anyone have any hints for applying? I'm used to PhantomSkinz. Thanks!
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    I ordered last saturday and they say mine shipped. Thought it would be here today. Can you take a picture of the packaging. Does it come in a tube?
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    Arrived in white padded envelope. Kit was in a somewhat mangled cylindrical-ish box. Included skin, 2 squeegee cards, discount card, and spray bottle. Directions on inside of box--must be cut open.
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    how was the install? Was there enough solution? Any suggestions?
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    install was easy. Plenty of solution. Not happy with leftover bubbles on screen. Tney are supposed to'disappear over the next couple of days. If NOT, I'm not gonna be happy and WILL order Phantomskinz.

    Update--after close to 2 weeks ALL the bubbles are gone. Definitely antiglare. Have to say, overall much easier than PhantomSkinz (on Pre x 2) to apply. Noticed a tiny fuzz under the skin, but otherwise pristine screen. Two thumbs up!
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    I have to stick with my skinomi because I dont want to use $40 on shields
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    Not at all happy with mine. The cut on the skin protector is poor at best and the corners remain exposed. The screen turned out ok i guess. Lots of bubbles and streaks. I guess I'll give it a couple of days but the skin protector (back) is already in the garbage.

    If I don'r see imporvement in the next couple fo days I'll go back to Zagg.

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