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    The original Pre transformers don't charge the Touchpad if you plug in the usb cable - you get a warning that you need to use the cable/transformer that comes with the Touchpad. That transformer outputs 2amps. The original Pre would charge with .5 amps, and the original Pre touchstone would charge a Pre if it had .7? .8? amps?

    I found a few 1amp usb transformers. Anyone found a 2amp one?
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    Will the original Pre wall charger charge the TP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    Will the original Pre wall charger charge the TP?
    Yes, but it will be slower as I believe the amperage is lower.
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    Disclaimer! Due to the design on the touchpad charger... not all after market chargers will be able to "fit" into the slot
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    i used the Kesington Compact laptop power adaptor and it works great with the Touchpad and it works with the Touchstone also. Its a very handy charger for my dell laptop.

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    I tried the Targus 2.1 Universal USB car charger. I got the warning message that "Device may not charge" and a recommendation to use the power adapter that came with the device. I note that the lightning bolt did not appear on the battery to confirm the TP was charging. The Targus did work properly with my Pre minus, lightning
    bolt and all.

    With my mind on that dire warning, I still plugged my TP into the car charger, turned on the Percy Jackson movie (Remember, he was accused of stealing the lightning bolt, so I though this would add irony to my test.) and drove to work. The TP displayed 93% battery when I started. It was 96% battery capacity a half hour later.

    This would tend to prove that the Targus kept the TP from draining while plugged in and, even better, charged the battery even while playing a movie. Much relief to me, since I am driving to the Grand Canyon this week and need 7 hours worth of movie play time.

    I'll repeat on the trip home and also have running several more apps to see where the battery level goes.
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    So i bought a Palm Pre Touchstone and tried to move it around the back of the touchpad.... "NO GO."

    I even used the same cable and charger unit that came with the touchpad...
    I was hoping there was a hack/tweak/ work around someone knows of? If not I guess i can always sell it to a pre owner.

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