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    Anyone tried the gen 1 ZAGGmate, see if it fits/pairs with the touchpad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shrxwin View Post
    I bought three Verizon clearance Ipad1 cases after reading this thread, they arrived today - grand total with my discount from work and free 2 day shipping was 17 bucks.r
    I just ordered it. Normally $5. With my discount, $3.92 shipped FedEx 2-day.

    Thanks for the heads up on this leather Verizon case!
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    My friend and I, both new TouchPad owners, went into FutureShop (Canadian competitor of Best Buy that's actually owned by Best Buy) today to test out some iPad 1 cases. Generally we found that a lot of them actually fit the TouchPad but the main problem was that one thing or another was covered, mainly the camera (meh) and the speakers.

    We both left with one of these cases:
    i-CON by ASD Essential Book iPad Case (ASD321) - Black : iPad Cases & Skins - Future Shop
    The photos don't show it but it's got little magnets on the corners of the cover to keep it shut. The fit is good and all the buttons and holes are exposed except for the camera (but I'll probably never use it anyway). The speakers are partially covered but I didn't notice any loss in quality. Since there is a frame around the bezel swiping can be a little tricky but I quickly got used to it.

    My dad has an iPad 1 and I tested out his case and it actually fits better but I like the look of my new case more.
    Dynex iPad Case (DX-IPCS04) : iPad Cases & Skins - Future Shop
    The upside of this case is that it's held on by straps on the corners so swiping from the bezel isn't a problem and there's nothing blocking the camera. But for some strange design reason the volume rocker and power button are both partially covered by one of the straps on the iPad too.

    I didn't try out any of the silicone or rubber cases today because there weren't any boxes that were already ripped open for those and I didn't want to be "that guy" that opens boxes to see things without asking.
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    I also just bought the technical case from Verizon, they had 3 in stock, price listed was 39.99 but I had the guy scan it and it came out to 10 dollars, he also gave me an extra discount, total came out to $7.08. So far seem seems to work perfect and I too had to bend the tabs in a bit.very happy with my purchase.
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    any update with those with the verzion folio case.. and pix or how it the fitment on the TP
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    which of these cases will actually work with the touchstone?
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    I Saw your post with pictures and have to ask how does it fit? from the pictures it seems to be a little loose. I dont want it falling out on me and faceplanting on the floor.
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    It might fit in but the question is can you easily access all the buttons and features of your touchpad with a case of a different brand/gadget. It might be wise if you buy a bag or sleeve to protect your touchpad. Protection must be your primary concern!
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    Has anybody tried this case

    Everyone has it for $45 and up. This must be a mistake $5.00! I ordered it, if it fits...great, if not, then I can sell it on ebay for a profit.
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    just ordered one, 15 with expedited shipping. will review when it comes in
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    Touchpad case from 511 tactical website, 39.99. A Lil' steep, but its a tactical police case and very versatile if you use the attachment systems with their backpacks and back up systems. Its awesome.
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