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    For a father's day present I got the Rocketfish (RF-MAB2) stereo bluetooth headset and I love them. I have a pre- phone and all the control's on the headset work with my phone. I can advance music, adjust volume, and receive phone calls with this unit. What really impressed me was the built in microphone in the ear piece, I can talk normally and the other people can hear me clearly. Sound quality is very good , comfortable and it's a pretty cool unit. Cost $60.00 Best Buybest .
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    I had a pair of Samsung WEP 870 last year which was great for both talk and stereo music listening. The battery died however within 6mo... I did get it for only $18 at newegg at the time so it wasn't a big loss I guess...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I liked these Plantronics | BackBeat 903/906 They were just a tad heavy, but worked nicely both for listening to music, and for calling.
    Not to run off topic, but does anyone have any idea of the BT's with mics will take over as the TP mic?
    I've had my 903s now for a year and half, great sound and battery life.
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    I've had the HT820s for over 4 years now. Still work perfectly (audio quality wise). Battery life was well into 3 or 4 days with heavy use. They would get a bit uncomfortable behind the ears (where they hook on) after wearing them for 5+ hours straight. Sounded pretty good when I bought them too.

    Unfortunately, bluetooth is starting to become weaker now. They look terrible because i've used them heavily in the past 4 years. They were my first love and are still awesome. Scratched up with the ear pads losing the rubber covering (looking tattered) but still going strong. I don't use them much anymore, but they worked perfectly with my Pres (minus, plus, and 2). All buttons worked, A2DP Audio worked, picking up calls worked, everything worked perfectly. Best headphones I've ever had. I'm now looking for some nice expensive Sennheisers, but I don't want to pay > $100 for them... unfortunately the cheapest ones are around 160 on Amazon. :/... and those are the ones without a mic. *sigh*.
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    I personally use the Lubix UBHS-NC1 and UBHS-LC1. The two buds snap together magnetically and you can wear the headset like a pendant. You can find these on eBay for $20-$30 these days.
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    Also have the Backbeat 903's and overall im happy with them. They are good if you dont plan to workout in them cause the fit for me is not as secure as others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laoh View Post
    I had a pair of Samsung WEP 870 last year which was great for both talk and stereo music listening. The battery died however within 6mo... I did get it for only $18 at newegg at the time so it wasn't a big loss I guess...
    I've had mine for over a year with no problems. What I like most about them is that I can use it as a simple phone "ear pod" listening in mono or plug in the stereo for full sound. It saved me money because I didnt need a separate "hands free" device.
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    I have the plantronic back beats and love them
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    Hey just a follow up to let you all know with what I selected and why.

    After Googling every model suggested I don't think I realized at the time what I was looking for until i saw how many different options were available and advantages of each model, and for each of you who responded with your choices and opinions, thanks to you all.

    I ultimately chose the Plantronics | Plantronics Voyager 855 Stereo Bluetooth Headset | Calls & Music. I think I really wanted something that sounded well, was small enough I could throw in my pocket and utilitarian enough to use for both my phone and TouchPad.
    When I saw the Voyager 855 and discovered that the second ear-bud disconnected allowing for single/mono ear operation I found what I didn't know I was looking for.
    I could use it in mono mode when driving or at the office, but could then plug in the second ear-bud and be in stereo for use on the couch or in bed that was not heavy or bulky.
    I ordered from Amazon ($77 w/ shipping) and have been using it for a week now in all the modes discussed above and it has been great, everything I didn't know I wanted.
    True this model is discontinued and the 903/906 models are probably better sounding and better battery life but the neck bar and over the ear fitting I don't think would allow for comfortable fit like when napping in the hammock or on the couch.

    Like I originally mentioned I'm no audiophile and so my evaluation of good sound quality is subjective but I've compared the 855's with my wired headphones and am actually rating them better than a cheep pair of Sony MDR-NC6 noise cancelling headphones (~$50) and the iFrogz Ozone ear-buds (~$30) as the NC6's seem muffled and inject static as part of the noise cancelling and the iFrogz don't have much in way of depth or base, yes the 855's had better base.
    Ultimately nothing I've heard tops my Bose QC2's (~$300) and the 855's don't come close either but they have quickly become my goto pair when away from my desk where I mostly use the QC2's.
    Quick side note, the TouchPad's Beats audio (on or off) with the Bose QC2's sound incredible when compared to using them with the iPod or my Blackberry. The TouchPad just has really great sound, although with headphones plugged in the volume level could go higher/louder as max equals about 60% on my blackberry. Seems like when I plug in the headphones I have to turn the volume up and then turn it down when I switch back to the speakers.

    With the 855's being discontinued I hope I don't loose or break them anytime soon as I think they would be difficult to replace what they offer in versatility and functionality, and I may not be able to find them again.

    Again, thanks to all of you who took the time to share your opinion and hope to hear from you again soon on other subjects.

    - David -
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