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    i remember bought them earphones for my Pre Plus and the mic wont work... did they fix this already with the Pre2??

    I suspect the Pre3 will DEFINITELY work.
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    I have not heard anything yet. I just ordered the tours although I know they have compatibility issues.
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    Hi, I use the Monster Studio headphones with the Pre 2 and everything works fine. can skip songs, answer calls, etc.
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    I have the tours with control talk. I can answer calls with the control talk button but, the mic does not work with my Pre 2. I have not tried with the Touchpad over a bluetooth connection. The sound quality is great with the Pre 2 and Touchpad for music. I can pause and double tap to skip a song but, that's it. The volume does not work either. If you can do more with your tours let us know.

    Update: I tried it with the Touchpad over a bluetooth connection and it works fine.
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