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    The bundle link doesn't work (yet), but on this BestBuy site - HP Touchpad Highlights , if you look towards the bottom in the HP Touchstone section, it has the following tag:
    Get the HP Touchstone and keyboard together
    Could be that BB plans on offering a package deal.
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    Yup...for the low low price of $140!
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    I thinking the good bundle packages from BB will come as part of the Thanksgiving/Xmas specials they seem to have.
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    140 thats like almsot the same price~! amazon is still cheaper~!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by noelb View Post
    Yup...for the low low price of $140!
    Where did you see the price?
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    Wow... The $140 poster was being sarcastic (combining the $60 keyboard with the $80 TS...)

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