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    I've looked everywhere I can, but I can't find a list of included accessories for the TouchPad. I assume it comes with a power adapter, but can anyone confirm this? I see the power adapter listed as an accessory, but I assume (again) that this is to get an addition adapter.

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    There's no way it wouldn't come with one AC adapter (but not the Touchstone). In the HP Discover video, the presenter mentions it's a 2A one, so it needs more power than the phones need.
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    it comes with an A/C adapter. Everything else is optional.
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    It definitely comes with the power adapter.

    And for those looking to get a TouchStone charger, that will come with a power adapter as well.

    TouchPad accessory pricing confirmed: $30 charger, $50 case, $70 keyboard, $80 Touchstone stand | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community
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    Please help me understand before I order..if the TouchPad comes with a Power Adapter, is there a reason to buy a Charger for $30 as an accessory?
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    It comes with an AC adapter and a Micro USB cable. I believe the $30 charger accessory is if you want another one as a spare.
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    Thanks..that saved me $30
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    Would be nice if they would sell the Touchstone without a charger cable at $50 as an option.
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    Per the HP store description:

    What's in the box?

    Cleaning cloth
    AC charger
    MicroUSB cable
    Getting started navigation guide

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