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    I'm assuming the Touchpad will fit in nicely in all IPAD 1 covers given the similar dimensions. Of course the holes will be in different places, but accessories sich as the Zigmate should work fine correct?
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    yes, they should be close.
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    They won't support touchstone charging though I bet
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosdl View Post
    They won't support touchstone charging though I bet
    this will most likely depend on the extra-thickness they add. wireless charging only works within a certain range between the device and the touchstone
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    Probably close enough. The main question is whether the cutouts are in the right places to access buttons, ports and speakers.
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    Speakers definitely not. The TouchPad has two speakers along the left side, the iPad has along the bottom.
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    I'm not sure, pretty similar dimensions but the touchpad has a slightly different shape and that along with the different ports/buttons/speakers I'm going to say no to be safe but I withhold the right to change that to say yes when we know more.
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    I wouldn't think you would want an iPad case but a sleeve/bag for transport should work perfectly.
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    I tried a couple of silicone ipad 1 covers, and they don't fit well. The corners are more rounded and the TP is a little shorter than the ipad. The ones that have sleeves look like they could be adapted.

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