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    I got mine this week in Verizon boxes, both items seemed to be new with plastic on the bottom of the touchstone and everything. No nicks or dirt.
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    Mine arrived yesterday, all new and working fine.
    I see pandas.
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    Same here. And since I put one at work, renewed interest has arisen in the trusty Pre Classic. Two people have gone to check the Veer and another 2 are waiting on the Pre3 carrier announcement. Could bring my "sales" total to 23.
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    I ordered three Touchstones and two AC plugs. One of the AC plugs was bad. When I plugged it in, it heated up and didn't charge anything. The Touchstones all work fine. I returned the AC plug and ordered another.
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    Hi , I got mine yesterday , but there is no USB cable .
    I have my old (Non Palm branded) cable. It's not working with my VZW Pixi plus .
    Do i need Palm Branded cables .. or do i need any special back cover .
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    So the sale at verizon is only for the charger?
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    The sale is a TS (no cord) at $4.97 and a wall charger also at $4.97. Just ordered one of each. Probably should have read this thread first! I'll just hope for the best.
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