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    I bought the max which is 3. Great find.
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    Clearing out stock for newer Touchstones maybe?
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    thanks!! I'll probably pick up 3 then as well.
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    Quick question:

    The picture doesn't show the cord and plug that actually goes into the wall. Does it have a plug built in to it, or is it a separate USB-to-wall plug that I have to buy in addition?
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    The plug and cable don't come with the touchstone. The second link is for those.

    So, you want to buy 3 of each. That's the best $30 you will ever spend. I have 8 touchstones scattered around car/home/office/backpack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katefields View Post
    Quick question:

    The picture doesn't show the cord and plug that actually goes into the wall. Does it have a plug built in to it, or is it a separate USB-to-wall plug that I have to buy in addition?
    There are two url's given. One is for the Touchstone which does not include a power adaptor, the other is for the wall adaptor and cable.
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    Thanks! I got 3 of these for more than half the price of 3 Veer cables.
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    I was hoping to get these for little of nothing and Verizon has come through. After my 25% discount the total for 3 inductive chargers and 2 wall chargers come to a grand total of $19.96 including taxes. As the say down here in these parts "you can't beet that with a stick". Thanks for the tip. By the way I'm new here. I have had the Palm Pre 2 for almost 3 months now and I could not be any happier with a smart phone as I am now. The only problem is that POP3 email thing. I'm still waiting for Verizon to issue and upgrade. My suspicions are that they might just issue 3.0 when they launch the Palm Pre3. At least that's what I'm hoping. Other than that I just love this thing it's a wonderful business companion.
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    Picked myself up some as well, great buy.
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    Thanks so much for the heads up.
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    &·$%&$... Help?
    Who in the US can buy me 3 of each, along with a $2.5 Pixi Plus holster and send it to a friend in NC? I can pay you via PayPal

    Stupid Verizon, I have to pay with a US registered card... Grrr
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    Thanks for the heads up on this. I picked up three Touchstones and two wall plugs. My wife can now have one for her desk at the house, we can put one in my wife's car, and I get an extra for the bedside. With my state government employee 25% discount, the whole thing cost me less than $20!!!
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    Are the sold out? When I go it says add to wish list, I do not see an add to cart button.

    Edit- Never mind, I didn't realize I had to pick my phone model to check compatibility before adding it to my cart.
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    Bought TWO....TWO touchstone chargers.....AH AH AH
    (Its Friday)
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    I bought two as well, for 5 bucks each, That's a deal too good to pass up on.
    And free 2 day shipping, What!!!!
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    I got two of each for just over $3 each... Hell yea!!!!
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    I grabbed some yesterday...but wanted to get my tracking number before unleashing the deal on the world. I've had a few bad experiences with too good to be true Verizon deals.

    Now that I have my tracking number in tow and PC has had a head start, I have released the deal to the good folks at Slickdeals. So if you are on the fence you better act quickly before they are sold out.

    Thanks for the tip on the charging cable OP...I didn't even think to look, as I never thought that I would be buying one of those from a carrier...haha. Amazon had the cables a few cents cheaper in the past, but this is still a very good deal.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that att has the palm car charger for $5 shipped...I know micro usb chargers can be acquired for a few dollars cheaper, but Palm's product is much nicer and more reliable and you will know that the micro usb cable will fit inside your touchstone.

    I cant post the link but it is easy to find by searching their site.
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