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    I've had a Pre for more than a year now and I've finally got a back cover (actually, four of them) and two touchstones.

    .. and it won't work. I changed a back cover, plugged an original cable in the wall charger (NOT original) and in a touchstone, put my pre on it (and was waiting for the magic) ... and nothing. Thanks god' i've got 4(!) back covers, I changed it and tried again and again ... and all of them are just useless.

    I used to plug the cable directly in the phone and it still works.

    The only problem I can think of is a charger.
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    is it a Palm pre change? If it can't put out 1000 mA it won't work with the touchstone.
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    You need a charger that is capable of putting out 1000mA (1.0A) in order to use the Touchstone. A 500mA or 750mA charger is capable of charging a Pre when plugged in directly but does not have enough juice to charge using the induction of the Touchstone.
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    Amazon is selling OEM Palm wall chargers with OEM Palm USB cables for $4.50 shipped right now. I've purchased one and can confirm that both the wall charger and the cable are Palm items.
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