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    Back when this was originally posted about in October, I went to every Radio Shack in the region and cleaned them out of every Touchstone and Pixi back I could find. I don't think they've gotten any more stock since then.
    Thank goodness you stayed on your side of the river... I picked up 3 in Louisville last weekend.
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    Actually I didn't stay on my side of the river. I bought all the Touchstones Jefferson Mall, Dixie Highway and Eastern BLVD had in stock, and some Pixi backs too. They must have gotten more in. Where did you buy them?
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    FYI, I bought another touchstone yesterday, RS is shipping it from another city, but I made the manager cry. :P
    Apparently, when RS does a store transfer on a clearance item, they xfer it at full price and pay $9 shipping. And then I buy it for 7.xx. :P So, my next one I'm traveling to (cause I need to travel there anyway). And they still put my order through but they said "Please, please no more!"
    And then the cashier talked smack about palm. :P
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