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    If you're willing to shop a bit you can get the TS from VZW from $14.99 (with free shipping), wall charger from Amazon for $4.99 (with free shipping) and car charger from AT&T for $5.00 (with free shipping)!

    I know these have all been mentioned individually in other threads but I thought I would throw them all together!

    verizonwireless .com/b2c/store/accessory?action=accessoryDetails&archetypeId=11901&accessoryId=44727

    Wall Charger
    amazon .com/gp/product/B002ITKQKU/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller=

    Car Charger
    wireless.att .com/cell-phone-service/accessory-details/?q_sku=sku4720234#fbid=VosMjgUkysb

    Sorry can't post working links yet...
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    Why is that so cheap?
    I know that Amazon has some cheap deals, but At&t/Verizon having cheap deals like that is unheard of, atleast to me.
    Thanks for the info!
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    Just found these as well myself. Great deals, thanks for sharing!

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