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    Got one for when I'm in my wife's car, and it'll work for her Blackberry, too!

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Someone buy me one and ship to the uk please!! ;-)

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    Just got one for $3.98 out the door. Thanks for posting this!
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    FYI, I didn't receive the small cable with the miniusb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sauce_da69 View Post
    Hello to all,

    I just found this great deal on a Plam car charger at ATT website on sale! In accessories search Palm and it will pop up.

    Take advantage while it last.
    Thanks in 4 one
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    Quote Originally Posted by runtimmyc View Post
    FYI, I didn't receive the small cable with the miniusb.
    Oooh, Treorock might be disappointed then. Still an unbeatable bargain though.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Nice thing is that iphone ipod charging cable fits in this too.
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    Anybody know where I can get one more wall plug for cheap? Once I get that I'm set for all locations and the occasional convention hall. Thanks
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    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Thanks for that link. I just had to buy one more battery as well. The total was less than $8 with free shipping. Now I am definitely set!
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    anyone know if they will pricematch this in store?
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    I ordered 2 car chargers from ATT last Thursday afternoon ($5 each + tax, but free shipping). Amazingly, they showed up in my mailbox mid-day Friday. The warehouse must be local.
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    Just gave the wife my old cheapo for her HTC EVO

    And ordered this one for moi! Thanks
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