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    For those looking for a touchstone, they're currently $16 on amazon: Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi: Cell Phones & Accessories . Shipping is free with amazon prime. Best deal I've seen yet.
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    Only thing is, with the new pres coming out, I'd be wary with rumors of a touchstone 2.0 with the awareness features. Of course it is not a problem if you don't care about those features!
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    Those features are only beneficial in certain situations/areas. Picking up a few touchstones cheap to have extra throughout your home is always nice, like putting one in your bathroom to play pandora or something.
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    Still $14.99 and free overnight shipping online at Verizon store.
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    That's all fine and dandy, but I don't have a touchstone back for my Sprint Pre yet. Does anyone know of a good deal on either just the back, or the combo back/touchstone package?
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    Here is one on flea bay
    Item # 350451317154 Looks like good rating on seller $17.79 shipped,I can not post links yet(I am not the seller either
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    BTW the touchstone arrived today and it included a cable and wall plug. Nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marksj View Post
    Still $14.99 and free overnight shipping online at Verizon store.
    Just picked one up!


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