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    I want to replace my Motorola T505. I like it overall but not happy about the FM transmitter turning off by itself while I'm driving. Seems like it takes a while to start up and connect, but better with Pre 2. I like the newer devices that use the BT PBAP profile and read out the name of the caller. I'm also interested in a device that turns off and on while I'm away that is smater then my current T505. Ideally I'd like a BT Car Speakerphone able to read and dictate messages but I don't think that will happen with WebOS for a while unless it comes with a monthly service fee. Anyway, I'm thinking between:

    Jabra FREEWAY and the Motorola Roadster

    Anyone have any experience with either of those?
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    I'm looking too. I found this site with some reviews Bluetooth Car Kit Review 2011 | Compare Best Bluetooth Kits | Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits - TopTenREVIEWS

    Right now I'm leaning towards the Roadster.

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