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    PLEASE, Help out a poor mom with a crazy life and a predisposition for dropping things. In your opinion, which would you pick for my PALM PRE/PLUS?
    - XENTRIS?
    - SEIDIO?
    - Some other magical device?

    I drop my poor phone daily and have already cracked off the cover for the volume control...I've had it <1 month...I need help QUICK!!

    Thanks to anyone with a suggestion!!!
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    this should work
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    the GRT is my pick, because it attaches to itself rather than the phone halves.

    (edit: typo)
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    Cantaffordit maybe meant G"R"T.
    Palm Pre/Palm Pre Plus GRT Case Kit - Palm - Palm Pre - Palm Pre Plus - Verizon - AGF
    It does the job and you don't have to take it off to use the touchstone. search the web you might find a better price.
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    oh thanks for catching my typo. That's exactly what I meant.

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