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    This may be a stupid question...

    I just ordered and received a new TS puck for work and I set it right next to my workstation tower. I set the phone down and the "charging" notification popped up and the time display showed up like it normally does for me at home indicating it's charging wirelessly. So after about an hour and a half I picked my phone up and noticed the battery was down from about 97% when I came in today to about 83%.

    I moved it about 8" away about ten or fifteen minutes ago and it's already up to about 92%.

    Is it possible that the proximity to the workstation could affect it this way? I don't recall seeing anything stating this, but perhaps I just didn't pay enough attention to the documentation...
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    Never heard of that happening but I suppose that could be possible.
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    I would guess it's more likely you have a bad USB cable, or a bad connection. Check the plugs in to the TS, and the wall socket.

    Also, you're plugged into the wall with the TS, right? It is hit or miss charging from a USB port on a computer...

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