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    I bought this Duracell USB charger and also bought an angled Micro USB cable for it. If I plug this battery in while the Pre's battery is at 100%, it will continue providing juice for 5 hours before draining out. Since using this, I still have about 20% battery life when I placed the Pre on my touchstone before going to sleep.

    Check it out.

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    So you are saying that your battery level stays at 100% for 5 hours (with a fresh Duracell USB charger) before the phone battery starts to drain? And you put this on at what time in the morning? And you went to bed with 20% battery left at what time?

    I've actually looked into these but so far haven't had the need to drop the cash for them yet, as I'm usually within a power source somewhere. I am interested in them though, summer's coming and the mountains are calling ever louder this year

    I've also heard about these solar charger mats and they seem like a good alternative to the duracell battery chargers, not a bad pricetag on them and better for the environment(no dead batteries to throw away)

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    Took off the charger and plugged in the battery at 8am. By 1pm the battery went dead and left with Pre battery. Charge again 11pm. I have bluetooth stereo headphones connected and played music occationally. Moderate browsing over 3G.
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    Another test; charged a flat Pre2 and managed to get up to 47% before the duracell completed discharging. From this calculation, a Pre2 battery should be at least 2000MAh for it to be useful for a full day. How i wish there's one at the same shape and size.
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    i have had issues with using non- oem chargers for a pre+ --1. i had a solio solar charger. i pluged my 1st pre+ into it and it fried something. the phone would no longer charge and would get too hot to handle within a matter of minuets. 2. a year later i plugged a Griffen usb adapter into an oulet at work and after i charged my work phone with it i plugged my touchstone into it and set my 2nd pre+ onto it. the same thing happened along with the phone antenna no longer working -- this is why i have a pre2 now but i just wanted to pass this onto people. both of the chargers that i used come from reputable companies that sell top notch electronics and at the end of the day i had to replace my phone. So i personally will only use an OEM charger for my palm phones -- the work phone is a blackberry and it seems to have no problems with these chargers. I have purchased a few extra batteries and a charger from sedio and this is my solution along with a touchstone by the bed -- in the car and on the desk at work......
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